(the real story)

For those that want to see what I was really dealing with, be warned…

This is worthy of a Jerry Springer show.

The Sociopath my real protagonist

Dean” The Sociopath.
Drug addict, alcoholic and pedophile, and sociopath.

This is the guy that accused me of being a pedophile and the Cyberstalker just ran with the story embellishing it greatly with his own sick perverted imagination.

The Sociopath first befriended me and then seduced my girlfriend getting her addicted to Shabu (known in Australia as ICE but stronger than the Australian version). He poisoned her mind toward me and she became irrational and paranoid (apparently Shabu/ICE does that). She became increasingly demanding and hostile often not allowing me to enter the apartment.

What I did not know is that he had moved into the apartment I had rented for my ex-girlfriend and child. After this was exposed things escalated, first by them, and then by me. The fact is there were five real cases of sexual abuse of minors filed against The Sociopath

The threat to my life

I believe The Sociopath arranged for a hitman to kill me. The letter below was handed to me by the local police in Cebu. I traveled to Manila and visited the Federal Agent at the Embassy. I was advised to leave the country for my own safety.

The Cyberstalker reported in his Sexpat blog that this was a fake letter

There is no doubt in my mind that the hitman was arranged by this guy

The Outsiders Bikie gang leader

Meet Mike, leader of The Outsiders motorcycle club – charter for Mactan in the Philippines
The Outsiders is an international MC with its base in Germany and most of its members from Germany. I was told they controlled most of the drug trade and some prostitution on the Island. At one point it is reported he screamed for his members to find me and to “bash every Rotarian on the island“. The Outsiders were very close friends of The Sociopath and Ex-girlfriend. They and contact for the contract killer. I have never actually met Mike!

The Outsiders headquarters had a public open restaurant MBs Tavern that included pool tables and some great German food. I had eaten there a number of times but never saw Make there once. The members had their own private clubhouse. Try to google want went on there.

The Sociopath and Ex-girlfriend disappeared with the child soon after they received my first support payment. They left the apartment I had been paying for as under the new agreement they had to pay the rent. The agreement was for 50,000 per month and rent was closer to 1/5 of that. I later discovered that there were broken windows and other damage and reports of loud arguments. They left the apartment owing rent (I have letters from the landlord and others along with photos)

Part of the agreement was that I would have weekly access to my son. I was advised by my lawyer to stop making payments immediately (I am sure the legal advice is the opposite in Australia).

MBs Tavern – Owned by Mike and headquarters of The Outsiders charter of Mactan. This is where we encountered The Sociopath and The Ex-girlfriend

I was tipped off that they were living in one of the apartments owned by The Outsiders and decided to visit to find my son. The Outsiders had a reputation and I decided it would not be wise to go without someone else. I invited a police colonel to lunch at The Outsiders. He understood why I was inviting him and was visibly armed. After lunch assisted me in asking questions then we left.

The Redneck – Previous victim of The Sociopath.

The Redneck – Paul and his girlfriend meeting with Vanessa and myself
Not really using Redneck in a derogatory way here. It really does describe Paul who was from Georgia, but let me add that he was not a racist at all. The Redneck ran one of the most popular Expat type message boards in the Cebu area which are mainly read by wannabe expats (had I read them I would have seen the warning about The Phycopaht). The Cyberstalker had already been active on the message board and had been banned multiple times by The Redneck.

The Redneck was no Angel. Apparently, he did hit his girlfriend in public once and he did offer his service as a guide to first visitors to the Philippines. I know that The Cyberstalker alleges he arranged sex tours. This was not the case at all. He was not a friend or associate before this happened but I did get to know him. He actually had a heart of gold and was involved in funding and promoting feeding programs for Children in Bogo where he lived. After being threatened by The Outsiders his Bravado collapsed and he kept a low profile and soon after moved to Cambodia. This did not stop The Cyberstalker from continuing to write about him.

Incredibly The Redneck was The Sociopath’s previous victim. The Cyberstalker befriended Redneck and stayed in his house for a couple of months during which time he caused havoc in their relationship pretending to take each of them into his exclusive confidence and then playing them against each other in twisted meaningless little mind games.

The Redneck had got in touch with other victims of The Sociopath. His modus operandi was to befriend someone. He was initially charming and presented himself as one of life’s victims. He would then start attempting to seduce the partner and cause problems between them. He had apparently done this multiple times in the past.

After visiting The Outsiders with the PNP Colonel we had confirmed that The Sociopath and my Ex-girlfriend were staying there. He wanted to go there and take a look. The Redneck had a beef directly with The Sociopath but otherwise was not involved at this time. So he would be able to visit without attracting much attention. Should he encounter The Sociopath it would just be an issue between them. That was the plan anyway!

I agreed to drive him there. The idea was that I would wait outside. We did not expect that just after we parked the car The Sociopath, Ex-girlfriend, and my child would arrive in a Taxi. The Redneck started abusing The Sociopath who quickly got back in the taxi and locked the door leaving my Ex-girlfriend standing outside the car.

Seeing her I got out of the car and there were heated verbal exchanges. The description in the complaint (stalking allegation) is fairly accurate in that regard but I would dispute the words used. We did end up with a big audience of patrons from The Outsiders restaurant.

The entire time The Sociopath stayed in the taxi with the door locked and made faces at us, sticking his tongue out as one would expect from a young child, leaving my Ex-girlfriend outside the car.

It was after this that the leader of The Outsiders apparently went on his rant about getting me and bashing every Rotarian on the Island.

The Ex-girlfriend – drug addiction resulted in her becoming increasingly antagonistic, demanding, and paranoid.

Ruby – The Ex-girlfriend and mother of my child
The picture is of our dance instructor with two of our students.
You are probably not away that we opened a Cafe with a Dance and Fitness studio above.
Ruby is on the right in green. I met her when she enrolled in one of our dance classes.
She was not working and had no visible means of income but still had her own apartment and paid for her own enrollment in the dance class. She did say another foreigner had been supporting her but he was off the scene now. I am now aware of some unsavory aspects of her past, she also had some good traits I could talk about. I say nothing.
I do not feel any animosity towards her, I just feel sadness.

So one of the allegations is that I failed to provide support for the child.

One of my visits to the apartment when we were estranged but I was still unaware of the relationship between The Sociopath and The Ex-girlfriend. The Yaya (Nanny) is holding the child.
I provided everything see including computer with broadband connection.

This is advise I should have followed

It was not just the fact that The Sociopath had seduced my girlfriend, poisoning her mind towards me and getting her addicted to Shabu while he secretly lived in the apartment I paid for and ultimately taking my son away from me. That would be enough to justify any journey of revenge. There was much more! The phycological games started soon after I introduced him to my ex-girlfriend.

Our family Christmas dinner. I invited a number of expats to join us. In the top left is The Sociopath (you can only see the top of his head). Top right is my good friend Vytus who was visiting us from Australia. Vytus is a Lawyer (Member Victorian Bar).
This is the Christening for my son. Immediately after this she started to act strange and become increasingly antagonistic and demanding.
I had only known The Sociopath for maybe 2-3 months and I invited him to be a Ninong (Godparent) Here he is pictured after the Christening holding my son sitting with my soon to be ex-girlfriend. This is one of the most disturbing images for me. Look at his face knowing the plan he had already hatched.

It was immediately after the Christening that the Psychological games started. They created a lot of drama but in such a way that I did not connect it as coming from the two of them. I was totally unaware that he started seeing her and I have no idea at what point he moved into the apartment.

It was the Yaya that alerted me to the fact that he was living in the apartment and both taking Shabu. My son was being neglected. I made an unannounced visit to the apartment and discovered The Sociopath hiding behind the bedroom door. When I confronted him, he just abused and laughed at me.

It was at that moment that I embarked on my journey of revenge. I wrote about him on the message board owned by The Redneck and that is when we joined forces. At the same time, The Sociopath joined forces with the Cyberstalker.

The physiological games and harassment continued…

At the time I was President of the Rotary club of Mactan East and we had a special function with a visit from the regional director. I was tipped off that The Sociopath and my Ex-girlfriend planned to visit and embarrass me. The meeting was in a private room at a restaurant open to the public. I spoke to the chief at the local Macton police station and it was arranged there was be a police officer at the meeting in case they visited and made any attempt to cause a scene.

I arrived at the venue early to prepare and so did The Sociopath and The Ex-girlfriend with my son. The policeman had not arrived. The Sociopath was holding my son and smiling at me. He started to toss my infant son into the air repeatedly and then catching him (at last half a dozen times) while taunting me “Mr Predient I have your son”. I ignored them and made a call. Minutes later a siren could be heard and they quickly left.

The police arrived a few minutes later looking for the Psychopath.

The Sociopath also harassed friends of mine including this girl.

23 years old – The Sociopath got her fired from her job as a waitress at a Korean restaurant just to get back at me.

This is a girl I dated for a couple of months. The Sociopath visited the Korean restaurant where she worked and made a drama accusing her of bad service and being rude. This resulted in her getting sacked from the Restaurant. Then sent he a message gloating about what he had just done.

They did not even know this girl and she had done nothing to them. She was actually a very sweet and kind girl. They attacked her to get back at me. I assisted her in filing a case against him and it was then it occurred to me to look for other people he had abused.

This was the first action against The Sociopath.

So while they were still harassing me I started collecting evidence against The Sociopath. We even traveled to another Island to talk to one victim that The Redneck told me about.

We found and met more than half a dozen underage girls were abused and assisted three of them to make a complaint.

When The Sociopath met these girls he would write his phone number on a 100 pesos note so they thought he was rich. When they called he would meet them and tell them he loved them and was going to marry them. He actually had cheap rings he would give them telling them they were now engaged. He would then demanded they did often humiliating things to prove their love for him.

The Redneck and another expat that also had a beef with The Psychopath assisted me to find and interview the girls. We heard much the same story with all the victims we met. We assisted the following three girls to file a complaint against The Sociopath which resulted in two arrest warrants.

I have copies of all the complaints and cases filed against along with arrest warrants for The Sociopath.

After the first arrest warrants were issued I posted this in the newspaper (and yes I am the one that did it first and if I may say so myself a much better wanted poster LOL)

The Sociopath fled the country before he could be brought to justice. I heard that he went to Thailand and no idea or interest as to where he is today. Unlike me, he never contested any of the cases made against him.

Incidentally, The Cyberstalker knew about these very real cases against The Sociopath when he decided to take his side. The Cyberstalker always claimed to be on a mission to protect women and children but actually took the side of a wanted criminal with real outstanding arrest warrants for abuse of women and underage girls. For five years or more he kept posting that old arrest warrant and claiming there were more and it was for something far more nefarious than “stalking” and “failure to provide support”.

In addition to assisting a number of his victims to make complaints, I also started the process of getting him deported.

I also started the process to get The Psychopath deported.

and I had my Attorney also prepared a custody case against my Ex-girlfriend.

The threat to my life came before we filed it.

My Arrest Warrant

So the case against me was filed on the 21st of January and a summons issued to an address they knew I was no longer living and would not receive it. I received the AFP death threat warning on the 10th of Feb and left the Philippines on the 1st of March and returned to Australia.

They waited three months for the arrest warrant to be issued and then published this in the local newspaper to embarrass me

I guess they could not find any goofy unflattering photo’s of me such as I had used for his wanted poster..

The first I knew of the arrest warrant for me was when a friend in the Philippines sent me the paid ad they placed in the Newspaper. This was intended to embarrass me, I guess in retaliation for me doing the same to The Sociopath first.

I did not know what the allegations were at the time but knew whatever they were – they were false. I booked a return flight to the Philippines and arrived on June 29 2009 and first went to see Vanessa in Angeles city and in July I traveled to Cebu and paid my bail on July 15. Over the next two years I attended three preliminary court hearings until the case was finally dismissed.

After my return, I was still trying to locate them and bring The Sociopath to justice. I created a blog called I was genuinely concerned for the well being of The Ex-girlfriend and her child. I emptied my heart on that blog which became a rich source of material for The Cyberstalker.

I never really heard anything from more The Sociopath and The Ex-girlfriend again. I did have communication a year or so later from someone claiming to be the sister of my Ex-girlfriend and saying that they were all in Thailand and she was asking my help to escape from the Psychopath. I decided not to get involved.

OK I could not resist adding this pictures of the sister of my Ex-girlfriend with The Sociopath.

Yes I have used the least flattering images I have of him. So I guess there is still some hostility in me towards him. The thing is I have that choice of images and I think they do tell you a lot about him.

At the same time, I am not aware of any similar unflattering or questionable images of me being on The Cyberstalkers sites.

Once The Cyberstalker used images of me taking a drink of what was renowned to be the world’s hottest Chile vodka. A challenge extended by my good friend Kim from Denmark to all that visited his home. I pulled a few faces and did not look right. Kim had always said to give him notice and he will come to Australia for our wedding. Not an option in 2021. The Cyberstalker wrote about how this is how I really looked after years of drug and alcohol abuse and went on about it in one of his typical incoherent rants.

Vanessa – by my side through thick and thin for the last 13 years

I met Vanessa a few months after my relationship with the girlfriend had broken down. At the time she was enrolled in vocationary course in dress making at the Savation Army with the intetnion to work in the Free trade zone. My Ix-girlfriend used to call the Puk Puk girl (prostitute) and claimed she was underage. Vanessa was a virgin when I met her.
The passport clearly shows she was 18 years old when I met her.

The Sociopath attempted to seduce Vanessa and both he and my Ex-girlfriend went to work trying to poison our relationship. They failed.

Vanessa with my son from The Ex-girlfriend. The Sociopath and Ex-girlfriend did not spend much time at home leaving the child with the YaYa (nanny). The nanny would secretly bring him to see us.

When I departed from the Philippines after receiving the death threat I had my car, motorbike and furniture moved to Angeles city in the north where there was a large ex-pat community. Vanessa was pregnant (with Conroy) and traveled up to Angeles and lived in the home I had rented with her sister.

Soon after I met Tony Gavin who had set up a company called VisiSearch based out of Hong Kong and I became a co-director of that company. We provided SEO (search engine optimization) services to businesses. I was responsible for the Philippines operation where we employed writers, developers, and social media managers. The business did very well until 2012 when Google pulled the rug from under us by changing its algorithms. We did not just lose all the rankings for our clients but the domains were all penalized. To this very day, Tony remains a close friend and still resides in the Philippines.

After the Google algo change our business was dead in the water and Vanessa convinced me to go and live on her island in the South of the Philippines and that is where we resided until coming to Australia.