I have actually written a book on this.


Don’t bother to buy it. If you really want to read it I will send you a copy. It’s not a personal account of my experiences but rather what I learnt and general advice on how to deal with online harassment including dealing with the problem of getting material removed across multiple jurisdictions.

This will give you some idea of what we were up against.

When The Cyberstalker created a blog on a domain (Australian jurisdiction) then it was easy for me to get removed. He soon gave up on that.

When The Cyberstalker used domains in Europe it was much harder for me to get the same (and I mean exactly the same as he replicated his blogs over multiple domains) removed. Our group of around half a dozen came from all over the world. We had a German that could get stuff removed on European domains that I could not as an Australian.

If he used a top-level domain it was assumed to come under America and free speech is protected by the first amendment so it was harder to get anything removed. Many of our removals were for copyright infringement and impersonation as he made many blogs impersonating myself and others. Only some sort of court order would compel the Big Tech companies to remove material on a top-level domain.

So when he made allegations against me, it was as a Greek-born American citizen living in France against an Australian citizen pertaining to alleged activities in the Philippines.

Want to take that one to court?

You need lots of resources and a big budget..

So who is the Cyberstalker?

The Cyberstalker is an internet troll that enjoys harassing people online.

“Evan” The Cyberstalker.
He is an ex-Rotarian that was apparently kicked out of the club for misdirecting materials to his wife’s store. I was a Rotarian President in the same district (different Island) and that is what I heard from other Rotarians. He is actually the last character in the story but logically the first to start off with being the person that publishes the blogs about me. I have never met him. and we have no mutual friends or associates who know him. He is simply a sick perverted loser that tried to retire to the Philippines, failed, and now lives off his Foreign Legion pension and gets his jollies from harassing those that are in the Philippines and make the mistake of responding to his online bait. He trolls the message (or used to – no idea if he is even still alive).

The Cyberstalker was already active long before I came along.

The following is from his first website which was created to attack Rotary members.

A Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) is the highest award in Rotary. Before me, his targets were Rotarians in the club he was kicked out from. His business failed and he was forced to leave. He was obviously very bitter about this and resented those that were successful. Once he returned to Frace he then started trolling the expat message boards and obviously enjoyed it. Setting up the fake sexpat blogs came later on.


There was actually a group of us working to expose this Cyberstalker and get his many blogs and accounts removed from the internet. You have already been introduced to some of the team on the FALSE ALLEGATIONS page.

For a couple of years, our group was engaged with this cyberstalker responding and rebutting his accusations which became more ridiculous as time went on.

One member of our group actually filed a case in America against The Cyberstalker which did not go anywhere.

We soon realised that he was not interested in the truth, for him it was all just a game.

Eventually, I did what worked best. I stopped engaging and decided to simply ignore him. I took down all the sites and just switched off.

This starved the Cyberstalker of any new material to use against me and denied him the feedback he craved.

Sure enough within six months he had stopped.

It was all a game and I just stopped playing so he last interest.

My English friend continued to engage and it was only a couple of years ago I convinced him to also stop. The Cyberstalker had found new targets and new people were working with him.

I don’t know or care what is still online.


This has already been partly explained above, but to fully understand his motivations and why he targeted me you need to read The Real Story.


In addition to destroying the businesses that we had set up in the Philippines, the false allegations have continued to impact my capacity to find professional employment.

I once got my dream job in Cebu working for a large international IT outsourcing company at Big Foot. I was to set up a new part of the business. On my very first day of work, I was called into the managers’ office and presented with the allegations, some of the staff had conducted Google searches, and was walked out before lunchtime.

I lost a very wealthy business investor and business partner for another IT outsourcing idea I had. He had even visited me on the island for a week to plan our new business venture. A little later he also became aware of the allegations and severed the business relationship.

The allegations also surfaced when I was working at the Cebu Yacht club. I had gone into partnership with a friend and we had office at the Yacht club. I built a website to sell boats (We were selling everything from dinghies to large commercial ships) and also conducted boat charters around the Philippines. This all came to a halt when the owner (grandson of a previous president and son of governor) ordered me out of the Yacht club cutting off another source of income.

I was never given an opportunity to refute the accusations.

The fact that I had the proof I am presenting here made no difference.