What was I actually doing in the Philippines?

According to the Cyberstalker, everything I was doing in the Philippines was just a front for “my” International pornography and child trafficking network!

In 2006 we moved to the Philippines, a new country, we stayed in a hotel for a week until we found a place. The first night we all slept on the floor. We had to buy everything. Purchased a car, enrolled children in school along with everything else that happens with moving plus a lot more being in a foreign country.

Then building two new businesses from scratch. A Cafe and a Fitness and dance Studio offering Belly Dancing, Aerobics, Martial Arts, ballroom dancing, modern dancing, Yoga (I think that is all)


Soon after we arrived in the Philippines I become involved in Rotary and in 2009 I became the President of the club. Each President is responsible for projects in their community and despite everything else going our club got more awards than any other, not just for my Rotary year but in the history of the entire district. Something I can be proud of.

While most other clubs just do fundraising and donate money or equipment to charities I initiated new projects which I project managed.

I noticed that there were many open wells in communities around me and made equerries, connected with local authorities, and found and hired contractors for a well caping project that put a cover over open wells and provided a hand pump.

Another project I initiated was for school crossings. When driving out of my subdivision I would encounter school crossing where someone dressed in normal clothes would either hold up their hand or some pathetic sign and assist children to cross. Many drivers ignored the crossing assistants. It occurred to me that hey need to have more authority. This was my pet project.

I could not buy stop signs to purchase so I manufactured them in my own home using blue plumbing pipe and a custom made stop sign. Added visibility jackets and whistles. I donated all of this to the different Barangays (small townships for want of a better description) on the island through Rotary.

There were half a dozen more projects including the Dream Meal feeding program for street children. This is a program I launched through the club but did not get involved in the actual delivery. Robbie Cuenca did that through his mission. As you can see it became impossible for me to continue and I resigned from Rotary.