The Arrest Warrant

Let’s start with the Arrest warrant and associated allegations as they are easiest to disprove.

The story of there being multiple outstanding arrest warrants for me in multiple countries, that I am in the list of the most wanted top ten pedophiles in Australia, and that there is an Interpol alert out for me, to name a few, will all immediately be shown to be false.

This should at the least call into question all the other allegations.

I found a video on my hard drive (as mentioned I took everything down from the internet a few years ago) where I explain the arrest warrant.

Now for the proof…

The following documents clearly show that I was never formally charged with any criminal or other offense.

Let add to that. I have never ever been so much as interviewed about any criminal matter or investigation in my entire life. It follows that I do not have a criminal record. and that the arrest warrant was simply a vindictive allegation made against me by an ex-girlfriend and her drug addict boyfriend.

I provide full details of the case against me and proof of its dismissal back in 2011 as well as evidence to show there have never been any other cases against me.

The proof I am not wanted and have no criminal record

The Cyberstalker continued to use this arrest warrant image long after it had been released in 2009 and long after the case had been dismissed in 2011.

Most of the allegations on the Cyberstalkers blogs are based on this arrest warrant claiming that is was still outstanding and for far more nefarious reasons.

Image from a blog I had refuting all the allegations