Can The Government split up big tech?


and why that would be a bad idea?

CAN THE GOVERNMENT SPLIT UP BIG TECH? This the question posed in a video from SwitchedToLinux, and one I am hearing increasingly discussed. Personally, I don’t think governments should get involved in the FREE market but there are three even more fundamental reasons why the government does not need to get involved.


What is the purpose of breaking up Big Tech?

Trying to break up a few Big Tech monopolies by forcing them to split up parts of their enterprises will only give the illusion of breaking up a monopoly. It may satisfy an emotional desire to cut them down to size but is unlikely to fundamentally change anything.

Would breaking up Big Tech result in a reformed Smaller Tech?

Many of those supporting this call simply want to see reform and this is simply a big stick

with regard to is increasing censorship and suppression of free speech. , as well as concerns about personal privacy and the use of A.I. driven algorithms to create user addiction and attempt to manipulate public opinion. Given that all the Technocrats that run Big Tech all seem to be following the same script, there is no reason to think that anything would change after such a breakup.

Do you really want to invite the government in to start desgin. and attemping to control. The last thing we want is the government to get involved.


Big Tech did not build the internet but they do seem to have taken it over. resource to build the robust


Big Tech do not control the internet.

This is simply an illusion . The underlying internet and I wou younger generations that grew up with the Big Tech may be mistaken for thinking parasitical . a later addition and have dominated what has been called the Web.20 when the internet became more interactive. There is no question that Big Tech has poured in billions of dollars to develop They are not even the inovative despite often aquire new through
FOSS stands for Free and Open Source Software and is the foundation of the internet. Big Tech sits on top of this foundation and was an organic co-operation of ethical IT professionals that have been developing

While Big Tech have contributed substantially in their Big Tech are parasticall. They have money and higher More often they purchas

It . Big Tech do not own Technocrats.


Stop waiting for a government to come to our rescue and save us from the evils of Big Tech. The real power is in our hands. We simply need to start using the alternatives and minimizing our use of Big Tech platforms and services.

When we do this the first immediate gain is greater control over our privacy. We take ourselves off the Big Tech radar.


Apple is watching and logging EVERY APP YOU OPEN!
Louis Rossman @rossmanngroup

Louis Rossman is an independent repair technician for Apple products. You can view his Odysee channel here:



Own an Apple computer?

Privacy and security a priority?

Ultimately, you have two options…

but you can decide a bit later

We need to deel with ethical companies.
FOSS projects and commercial companies that ethical and support ???

You can avoid updating to Big Sur and beyond for as long as Apple continues to provide support for your current macOS release.

For the past few years, Apple has consistently updated the last three versions of macOS. In other words, the current release of macOS and the last two releases. You can view the currently supported versions here:

Eventually, Apple will no longer provide support and you will be on your own. This means that if any new vulnerabilities are discovered then your system could be exposed. You may also encounter compatibility issues with new or updated software and potentially any new devices you connect to your computer.

If you plan to continue using your Mac for the time being and have not blocked Apple spying here are your options:
Remember – these do not work with Big Sur.

Note: Using a VPN also does not help.

OPTION 1 – Install Linux on your Mac

The Mac is fully compatible with Linux at a hardware level. I have both Linux and Windows running on my Mac concurrently. There are many HOW TO videos and guides available with step by step instructions on installing Linux on your Mac. If you don’t feel confident to do this yourself, you will also be able to find someone to do it for you.

OPTION 2 – Purchase a new computer

You can purchase a new computer with Linux already installed. There are a number of computer manufactures that sell systems with Linux pre-installed. It’s FOSS is one of the many resources out there helping people migrate to Linux and they have published a list of computers that come with Linux pre-installed:

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