The Wedding Ceremony

Last updated on the 7th of January
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Christopher Andrew Bennetts & Vanessa Borja Racho

invite you to celebrate their wedding to be held at

2 pm on the 16th of January 2021 at

Mernda Adventure Park



There will be a live ZOOM broadcast of the wedding. To watch all you need is to fill out the form below with ZOOM as the subject and we will send you a guide on how to attend our Virtual Wedding. This is a FREE service – no cost to watch. Up to 100 can watch.

We are still working with our Wedding celebrant on our personalized ceremony.

Theme: Vanessa has advised that the colour theme for the wedding is red and black.

Venue: Mernda Adventure Park

Dress code: Smart Casual

Reception: Filipino BBQ in the park

After party: Our home in Mernder

RSVP: Reply here using the provided Wedding Contact form below.

The ceremony will be in a public park. A number of volunteers will be visiting the park early to stake out our claim and start preparing the venue.

We are expecting good weather and may conduct the ceremony in the open perhaps near the lake (hats may be advisable). Should the weather not be so kind the sheltered BBQ area is large enough to conduct the ceremony.

As there is no formal per head based reception so we are able to invite all of our friends and family that would like to attend. We can even accommodate the odd visiting house guest.

The venue is child friendly with an Adventure playground next to the undercover BBQ area.

Because this is a public park the visible consumption of alcohol is most likely not permitted. You can drink and party back at our home afterward.


Maid of Honor
Ms. Lee Osborne

Brides Maids
Mrs. Cristine Valasinavicius
Mrs. Maria Warren
Mrs. Lovey Loveric
Mrs. Mira Gomez
Mrs. She Candalla
Miss Tyler Chircop

The Flower Girl
Celeste Amara Bennetts

The Ring Bearer
Conroy Axel Bennetts

The Best Man
Russell Syer

Ralph Condick
Vytus Valasinavicius

Philip Bennetts
Edward Bennets
William Bennetts

The Brides Parents
John McPhail and Mila McPhail (proxies)


Update: 7th of January
Due to travel restrictions, all of Vanessa’s relatives in Australia (2 in Sydney and 2 in Queensland) can’t attend. Three were to be bridesmaids.

Update: 27th of December
Two relatives of Vanessa living in Sydney were planning to come down for the wedding. Both were to be bridesmaids. One was bringing her wedding dress for Vanessa to use. They have had to cancel due to new COVID 19 restrictions.

Another bridesmaid and friend of Vanessa (from the same island and previously neighbors) who also lives in Mernda has also been caught up in the Sydney travel ban and may not be able to attend (down a total of ten guests).

The good news is Vanessa now has a brand new wedding dress we purchased from a lady that was married two weeks ago but could not use the wedding dress she originally purchased due to a bulging belly. Apparently, it looks fantastic but of course, I am not allowed to see it.


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