Christopher Andrew Bennetts
Vanessa Borja Racho

25th December 2020

2 pm on the 16th of January 2021
Mernda Adventure Park

Wedding Program

Wedding party

Maid of honour

Lee Osbourne


Tyler Chircop
Cristine Valasinavicius
Maria Warren
Lovey Loveric
Mira Gomez
She Candalla

Ring Bearer

Conroy Axel Bennetts

Flower Girl

Celeste Amara Bennetts

Father of the Bride

John McPhail (proxy)

Best Man

Russell Syer


Ralph Condic
Vytus Valasinavicius


Philip Neal Bennetts
Edward Andrio Bennetts
Christopher William Bennetts


John and Mila McPhail

Wedding Ceremony

Welcome from our Virtual MC

Tony Gavin will be the Virtual MC.
( Tony is currently in the Philippines )

The arrival of the Bridal Party

For those wishing to view or photograph the arrival we recommend using the elevated position on playground.

Welcome from Marriage Celebrant

Ange Kenos, CMC, JP, MM

Call to gather witnesses

Giving Away the Bride

The parents of Vanessa are unable to attend but will be watching online. John and Mila McPhail will be acting as proxies. John will be giving away the bride.

The Asking

Exchange of Marriage Vows

Presentation of Rings

Ring bearer – Conroy Axel Bennetts

Declaration of Marriage

Bridal Kiss

Unity Candle

The couple will light a Unity Candle.

We are using a special Unity candle hand made by Vanessa. We are also presenting all in attendanc with a candle made with 100% natural soy wax and essential oils that are non-toxic. Please select a candle from the table at the end of the service. There are many different fragrances.

Closing Reading

During the closing reading, Celeste will move around with a small bucket of rice. You are invited to take a small handful to throw on to the couple at the completion of the ceremony.

The tradition of throwing rice goes back centuries. Ancient Romans would shower a newly married couple with wheat, which symbolized fertility. By the Middle Ages, wheat had been replaced with rice, which was also considered to be a symbol of fruitfulness. Showering a new couple with rice was believed to help them have children. In these times, the act of throwing rice was also believed to help keep evil spirits away from the bride and groom.

Recessional / Congratulatory

The couple will depart briefly for photographs. Guests are invited to make their way to the Reception area for the Filipino BBQ. The Ushers will guide you.


Filipino BBQ in the park

Special Filipino BBQ in the under cover BBQ areas is just up the hill.

Lechon Baboy
(Whole roast pig cooked Filipino style)
Chicken & Pork BBQ
Selection of salads (green, potato & coleslaw)
Fruit punch (non alcoholic)
Selection of deserts
We will provide cups, plates and cutlery

Return of the couple

Celeste will be handing out small bottles of Wedding Bubbles. Please take one and with a deep breath send your wishes, blessings and prayers out for BRIDE and GROOM as you send your bubbles out into this beautiful day

Hiwain mo na ang lechon Baboy

The couple cut the Lechon signifying the commencement of the Filipino BBQ.

Cutting the cake

The couple will cut the cake


The MC will invite speeches.

The Party

House party

Directly after the Filipino BBQ the party will continue at our home only five minutes away. This is where we can drink and dance the night away.

Come to watch the bridal waltz and removal of the garter. There will also be more foods and delights including Vanessa’s special Lechiplan made with coconut