Big Apple is Watching You


Everything you do is now being logged

There was a time when Apple seemed to respect customer privacy a little better than most of the other Big Tech companies, but today they are just as busy as the rest of them in collecting as much of our personal data as possible.


Big Apple has been watching you for some time, but before, you could circumvent it using a firewall tool. With the Big Sur update, this no longer works and there is no way to stop the constant monitoring of every application you open, every website you visit. All your activity is being recorded and stored on Apple servers.

It surprises me that the small number of people blocking the transmission of their computer activities were considered statistically important enough for them to design a workaround to ensure the collection of your personal data is mandatory. Is it because Government agencies have been given routine access to this data?


To add insult to injury Big Sur will slow down your computer. It has been alleged for some time that Big Tech companies intentionally make older devices run slower with each software update to encourage you to upgrade. This is of course denied but the anecdotal accounts from frustrated users experiencing a slowdown after updating their Operating System users are overwhelming.


Apple is also locking down its operating system so that it will only run “authorized” Apps and has been removing apps from their store that do not meet their new standards. If your Mac is connected to the internet it will “call home” to check that the app you want to run is authorized. Apple would claim that this is for user security but others in the security industry suggest the motivation is really to lock out competition and maximize their profits.

When Big Sur was released many Mac users who had not updated to Big Sur also experienced slowdowns and Apps failing to start. This was apparently due to the “call home” function that Apple now enforce for all apps running on their devices. The App seeks approval to run if there is an active internet connection. The Big Sur update put a huge load on the Apple servers that many non-Big Sur users experienced unresponsive.


Apple is watching and logging EVERY APP YOU OPEN!
Louis Rossman @rossmanngroup

Louis Rossman is an independent repair technician for Apple products. You can view his Odysee channel here:



Own an Apple computer?

Privacy and security a priority?

Ultimately, you have two options…

but you can decide a bit later

You can avoid updating to Big Sur and beyond for as long as Apple continues to provide support for your current macOS release.

For the past few years, Apple has consistently updated the last three versions of macOS. In other words, the current release of macOS and the last two releases. You can view the currently supported versions here:

Eventually, Apple will no longer provide support and you will be on your own. This means that if any new vulnerabilities are discovered then your system could be exposed. You may also encounter compatibility issues with new or updated software and potentially any new devices you connect to your computer.

If you plan to continue using your Mac for the time being and have not blocked Apple spying here are your options:
Remember – these do not work with Big Sur.

Note: Using a VPN also does not help.

OPTION 1 – Install Linux on your Mac

The Mac is fully compatible with Linux at a hardware level. I have both Linux and Windows running on my Mac concurrently. There are many HOW TO videos and guides available with step by step instructions on installing Linux on your Mac. If you don’t feel confident to do this yourself, you will also be able to find someone to do it for you.

OPTION 2 – Purchase a new computer

You can purchase a new computer with Linux already installed. There are a number of computer manufactures that sell systems with Linux pre-installed. It’s FOSS is one of the many resources out there helping people migrate to Linux and they have published a list of computers that come with Linux pre-installed:

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