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Helping you better harness the internet for your business!

Chris Bennetts internet consultant

My name is Chris Bennetts and I love helping business owners like yourself, find ways to better harness the internet for their business. Over the past 30 years I have worked with corporate’s, SME’s and small business, and the most common problem I have encountered is a disconnect between the real needs of a business and the technology.

This is also the problem with the approach of most Internet consulting companies who are focused on how to sell you’re their products and services, presenting them as a solution to your needs, when in most cases they have not even spent any time talking to you to find out what your real needs are. I take the time to understand the real needs of your business and then offer you truly independent advice with the best interests of your business in mind.

Tired of listening to all the hype and sales pitches from Internet companies?

If you are like most business owners, you wish you could find someone to just sit down and talk in plain English about your real business needs, and then receive truly independent advice on how your business can make the best use of the Internet.



Online Visibility with SEO, SEM and SMM


Be found online in Search Engines and on Social Media using SEO, SEM and SMM.

Digital Marketing


Identify your target market and reach them online using content marketing and social engagement.

Internet Strategy


Identify your online objectives and develop plan to achieve them.

IT Project Management


Ensure that projects are completed in time and within budget.

Website Management


Manage all aspects of your website and online presence.

Social Media management and marketing


Build and manage Social Media channels for your business.

System Design


Designing systems and processes to streamline your business.

System Integration


Getting different systems talking to each other.

Internet Security


Protect you business from online threats.

Outsourcing management and consulting


Outsourcing Management and Consultancy services specialising in the Philippines.



That is what I am here for…

Identifying the real needs of your business is one of the main things that sets my service apart from other consultants.


Internet Business Consulting


Matt WilkieI have known Chris a few years and have seen his business develop over that period. I find him a very professional individual that fully understands internet visibility and its affect on SEO and marketing.

Not only with an expansive knowledge on the subject but continues to develop with it as the market constantly moves and shifts.

Always willing to share ideas, knowledge and experience and an asset to anyone who uses his services.

Matt Wilkie , Physical Asset Surveyor & Interim Facilities Manager

Perry GamsbyI have known Christopher for 17 years as a colleague, business partner and friend. He is a man of the utmost integrity and transparency. As an entrepreneur and achiever, there are few to match. I have gained a considerable amount of knowledge through my collaborations with Chris over the years and we still rely on each other despite now having our own, separate business ventures. Chris is pedantic, detail oriented and yet visionary; precisely the kind of person you want driving your IT and SEO.

Perry Gamby , Ghost Writer | Editor | Publisher | Content Creator

tonygavinChristopher is a former director of my company VisiSearch International Limited, so I’ve worked with him very closely, and have had a good opportunity to understand exactly what he’s all about. Chris is very simply one of the brightest people I’ve ever worked with. He approaches problems with a unique blend of insight and hard work, that tend to produce great solutions for everyone concerned. Chris is a great technician and knows his stuff, but his true value lays in his ability to think in the abstract and throw up great ways of approaching and solving problems. The perfect package of technician and problem solver, all rolled into one.

Tony Gavin , Visisearch International